Introducing Discover Essential Oils for Optimum Health

In “Discover Essential Oils for Optimum Health”, Julia L. Wright shares over 15 years of natural health knowledge she has gained from using essential oils for a wide variety of purposes that have brought optimum health and abundance into her life.

Essential Oils have been the basic piece that she and many people have used to naturally regain and maintain their optimum health without incurring unnatural side-effects or creating other health challenges.

Within this book, Julia provides many “Tips” on ways you can use essential oils to naturally heal your body and mind; create healthier beverages; relieve pain; release emotional stress; find spiritual support; and clean a home or office using nontoxic solutions.

These easy to use “Tips” came from her own experience and friends who have shared their healing experiences, enjoyable beverages and cleaning solutions over the years.

These “Tips” have helped many people find a more natural approach to resolving a variety of physical, mental and emotional health challenges without turning to pharmaceutical, and potentially health damaging products.

Click this title “Discover Essential Oils for Optimum Health” to find the book at the Amazon Book store and start on a path to your optimum health.

Cover & back of Discover Essential Oils Book