Julia Wright has been using Essential Oils for over 20 years and I have many success stories to share about how they work to help regain or maintain optimum health.

I am an artist living in a small mountain town where artists, writers, environmentalists and holistic healers abound.

There are so many ways to integrate Essential Oils into your healing path.

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Over the last 20 years, I have used many different essential oils to come back from various health challenges I have experienced.

My friend and Craniosacral Therapist, Kathleen Morrow, has taught me many ways to use Essential Oils while I was recovering from a car accident, a huge blood clot in my leg and a concussion.
Kathleen teaches classes to certify Cranioscral and Lymphatic Therapists at the School of Inner Health in Manitou Springs. Check it out if you are looking to learn a new healing technique at: http://www.schoolofinnerhealth.org

I was in a bad car accident that gave me a “slight” concussion, a mental shift and many physical pains. I use essential oils to stimulate my brain in positive ways and help relieve painful muscles.

About 10 years ago, I had a minor surgery that gave me a major complication.
Three doctors told me that I would have to live with the problem and they couldn’t help me.

I could barely walk, my leg was hugely swollen and many “lovely” shades of purples.
A nurse at the hospital described the problem as having a “killer” in my leg.

These doctors all wanted me to be on Coumadin (rat poison) for the rest of my life!

But my body did not like Coumadin at all.It would flush it out or not use it in a way  showed up with the proper number for the blood samples for them to stabilize the dosage. The technician would order me to take a higher and higher dose each week, until it reached a level that even had him nervous.

I fired all those doctors and stopped the Coumadin after 6 months.
I only stayed on the Coumadin because the blood clot was so huge and I wanted to feel certain it was stabilized before going to totally natural approaches. The nurse had given me the best feel for what was going on in my leg and what I needed to be aware of before letting go of that dangerous drug.

I had been working with my GP and a holistic healer leading up to the 6 months to pave the way to using totally natural approach to resolving this health challenge and begin my journey back to my optimal health.

Part of the journey included taking short walks every day, that would lengthen as I improved.
Now I can hike for miles on weekends, or walk somewhere in my town every day.
Four years after the diagnosis, I hiked 13 mountainous miles in 5 hours.

Over the years, I have reduced this major complication to a slight inconvenience.
Even my GP has been amazed at my progress. And she encouraged me every step of the way.

From the very beginning, I used many natural supplements, essential oils, craniosacral therapy, massage and exercises to get my life back to a semblance of normal.

Every night and morning I massage my leg and feet with a variety of Young Livings essential oils and blends, including AromaLife, Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint, Helichrysum and Valor.

I massage some essential oils onto my leg to help to keep the circulation in my leg healthy and others to help rebuild tissue and keep the bruised areas to a minimum.

Breathing the Young Livings Essential Oil Blends called Valor™ and StressAway™ help to keep my mood uplifted.

When I experience pain in various parts of my body I use a combination of single oils and oil blends to help relieve it.

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Take the first step on your path to safely regaining your optimal health by using essential oils.